There is something reassuring in It Won’t Be Like This All The Time, for some reasons. First of all the recent releases (out via Rock Action Records) from Scottish heroes The Twilight Sad (James Alexander Graham on vocals, Andy MacFarlane on guitar and keyboards) repeats the post punk formula which gave them respect and consideration from the people who follow them from the beginning.

The sorrowful and tender mood of the previous masterpieces (especially No One Can Ever Know, 2012 and Nobody Wants to Be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave, 2014) pervades the notes of these new songs. The second reason is that this dark attitude is not only the way to express personal feelings and intimate reflections, but also a chance to say something about the present moment: the title in itself shows the aim to see a positive change in the dramatic situation in which the world (especially UK) is living. The third reason is the sense of safety that the band shows, both live and on record, reinforced by the deep esteem from their idol, Robert Smith.

The result is a solid collection of intense post punk songs, in which the opener “10 Good Reasons For Modern Drugs” uses electronic tension to remember the points of connection with that scene (such as Editors);  songs like “The Arbor” are a clear recall to the love for The Cure, and episodes like “I’m Not Here (Missing Face)” includes their personal interpretation of gothic musical universe.

It Won’t Be Like This All The Time is another proof of the quality and authenticity of one of the most interesting and adorable bands of the last twenty years. A great return.