Messy & The Gang is the project of Italian producer and singer Leonardo Ciceri. His music is mostly influenced by different styles as ambient, glitch and garage. Me, Camilla & the Devil is the new EP which is out now via Last Floor Studio. It was recorded with Berlin*based artist Hi-Hat Therapy. Four tracks which show the refined building of the sound with Future Sound influences, minimal lines, ethereal vocals, pulsing and well-handled beats.

We ask him to introduce us to his world with 5 influential tracks that had an important role for his music. Check it below after the full streaming of the album.

Moderat – Eating Hooks

I remember listening for the first time to Moderat when I was living in Berlin. My old flatmate was really into their music, and he introduced me to Apparat, Modeselektor and Moderat.

Ever since I’ve been constantly chased by the idea of singing on my productions.
It’s been a constant evolution, getting to know my voice and how to include it in my vision while composing music. It’s really hard for me to pick a single production by Moderat, but I feel “Eating Hooks” has been the most significant for me, in the last years.

Easy – Son Lux

I really love this song and the vibe it gives. I always had that vision of somebody destroying a room in slow-motion with a basket ball stick while this track is playing. The production is sick and Ryan Lott voice is the perfect fit for the track, and I feel it’s another perfect example of what inspired me to sing.

Silent Strike – It’s Not Safe To Turn Off Your Computer (feat. EM)

Another great song I found when I was in Berlin, the video is literally sick, the harmonies created with the voice inspired me to experiment to play with different layers of vocal lines, especially considering the backing vocal as part of the main vocal line and not just more harmonics.

Thom Yorke – Harrowdown Hill

Even if I only discovered both RadioHead and Thom Yorke about a year ago, I feel they have been a huge inspiration for me writing this album. The way Tom creates his vocal lines, the percussions, the mix between electronic and songwriting, are simply amazing.

Inude – Hudea

One of the most interesting Italian projects in the last decade, bringing to the Italian scene the mix of electronic and pop with English lyrics. I saw them live years ago at the Albizzate Valley Festival and we both played at Giovinazzo Rock Festival last year, but unfortunately we were scheduled in different days and I never got to meet them. It’s been a huge inspiration to look at Italians artists performing and producing something original.