Born from the seminal 1980s post-punk band Maximum Joy, MXMJoY is the new project of founding members Janine Rainforth and Charlie Llewellin. P.E.A.C.E. is the new album which is out now via Janine’s own label, London Field Recordings. It was  written and recorded between Rainforth’s Hackney Studio and Llewellin in the US.

Joining them on the tracks are prolific bassist Marek Bero, guitarists James Byron and Jono Trott who contributed their own unique sounds, and drummer Miroslav Haldina. They shared a new video for the track “We Breathe“. Janine words about the new single ‘We Breathe’; “It’s starting point was a thought about the way the world is becoming a smaller and faster place for some, the way we can be in the same room virtually as someone across the world – and then from that a juxtapose – a broader view – the thought that we all share this amazing world – on a very fundamental level – every single one of us – and that to me is a connecting factor – we all breathe the air.”

The reformation was spearheaded by Rainforth with a show at Simple Things in 2015. Her work on solo projects has meant she was able to bring new experience to an old collaboration and she and Llewellin were in the studio immediately after. She tells us “The last album that I worked on with Charlie in Maximum Joy was Station MXJY in 1982! The making of that was an experience in itself – it was made in the ‘traditional’ way if you like – for the most part of it we stayed at a recording studio and jammed and played until we got sounds and tracks we liked. For this new album we worked pretty fast and had the first track down and recorded by December. The autonomy I have found in making my solo music could be brought into how we constructed it.”
“As a collective band Maximum Joy and as individuals and now as MXMJoY – we have always shared the drive to evolve and keep looking for and finding new sounds & grooves that inspire, challenge, and maybe even soothe! The musical landscape today is exciting – there’s so much out there – I love all the sounds & textures & voices coming through, and Charlie shares that embracing of the new. The things that informed us then – free jazz; hip-hop; synth pop; disco; soul; funk; reggae; punk; world music – have not changed – but inevitably things have been, and always are being, added to those influences.”