Two years after Black Soma (3six Recordings), British composer 36 (aka Dennis Huddleston) released a new full-length. Fade To Grey is out now via Los Angeles-based imprint A Strangely Isolated Place. He decided to focus on the isolation of individuals, using (and often abusing) technology as a means of escapism – a side of cyberpunk that often goes unnoticed when it comes to the musical depictions that come with it.

Full streaming is available below.

Fade To Grey reflects on current social paradigms, where social media has become a weak substitute for human interaction. Rather than bringing people together, it often makes us feel lonelier than ever. As evident in the album’s artwork, technology is shown to be far from benign. The soft, gentle elegance of watercolor is juxtaposed by the violent splatters of machinery. Every vice has its price.

Considering the landscape of our own world right now, where a handful of companies control everything we consume, where convenience is more important than privacy, where personal choice is pre-determined by algorithms analyzing our behavior, and where the internet has become a battleground for influence and propaganda… It’s not a stretch of the imagination to believe we’re already witnessing our very own dystopia.