Two Hicks One Cityman are the Italian band comprised of Alessandro Castagnoli (vocals, guitar and synth), Giorgio Caiazzo (drums) and Francesco Zaniboni (bass, back vocals). Two years after Lonely Nights, they announced the release of a new album. Ukiyo is out on April 12th via Nesc’i Dischi.

We have the pleasure to share the official video for the track “Love The Vibe” which shows the intense and delicate vocals mixed with melodic textures, funk vibes and dilated electronic lines. It was directed by Francesco Federico Pedrielli aka River. We asked some questions to the band about the new release. Check the answers after the video.

Let’s Start from your new album “Ukiyo”. What about the title and the creative process?

Ukyo is our main goal. We worked hard on it in the last year. We also took a break from the live gigs only to give more space at the creative process. We listened to a lot of music during this months and it helped a lot, as a matter of fact the writing process was fast and every song came out of our minds without problems. This is one of the reasons why we choose Ukiyo as a title. It is a japanese word that litterally means “floating world” and we liked that etheral feelings and mood it gave us, that reminding peacefulness and a easy way to live.

Today we premiere the video of “Love The Vibe”. What about the track and the collaboration with Francesco Federico Pedrielli (aka River) for the clip?

We are so happy about this collaboration, River is a friend we met some years ago after a live show. We knew that he was living in Tokyo at that time, so we asked him to shoot some videos around the city. But the magic came because of Mattia Giaon, an excellent video maker that created that glitches and psychedelic effects.

Well, we know it is a strange video, but we like it a lot! Many people usually ask us to
appear in our videos, and with the next one maybe we will do that!

What are the best releases you recently enjoyed?

There are too many: “Singles” by Future Islands, “This Old Dog” by Mac Demarco, “Geography” by Tom Misch, "Pool" by Porches. We can absolutely say that these records inspired us for Ukiyo, sometimes with the sound, sometimes with their aesthetics. We think that the future of the music will be more and more an admixture of acoustic instruments and electronic ones. We made a Spotify playlist with the music that inspired us in the last year. Check it out!