Eleanor K is the project of British producer singer Eleanor Fletcher, better known for his owrk with Crystal Fighters. Now she lives in Los Angeles, where she runs her own recording studio with William Anspach (Vic Mensa, Frank Ocean) and works with the producer Orlando Leopard (Arthur Beatrice, Florence and The Machine).

She announced the release of her first solo full-length which will be out later this year. “Anything You Want” is the first excerpt which underlines her enchanting vocals. Speaking about the new single), Eleanor explains,

“’Anything You Want’ is about a girl that completely loses touch with reality. It’s tuning into a very vulnerable and desperate place that everyone has felt at least once in their lives in a particular situation, whether that be romantically or socially. I was encapsulating a ruminated inner dialogue of a girl experiencing self doubt and rejection and dealing with it in an unhealthy/illogical way.”