f o l l o w t h e r i v e r is the project of Italian singer-songwriter and musician Filippo Ghiglione. He announced the release of a new EP. blankets & bumblebees is out on April 12th and it was co-produced by Simone Meneghelli, featuring also Adriano Arena (electric guitar), Marco Ferretti (acoustic guitar, synth bass).

Today we have the pleasure to premiere the official video of the track “Among The Clouds” which shows the minimal and ethereal lines of the sound and the delicate vocals. We had a talk with the artist about the new EP, the Artwork and the recent releases he appreciated. Watch the video and check the answers below.

Let’s Start from your new EP. It was recorded in a little house in Valle D’Aosta, right? What about the creative process?

This new EP comes after a long period of research for me, I was trying to find a brand new sound and a brand new significance for my project. The fact is that I love mountains and I love the emotional flow that their silence and their majesty can move into you.

So I’ve decided to record all the songs of this EP in this little house that my family has owned for a long time. I’ve recruited some friends of mine that actually worked with me on my previous EPs and we spent a week in this house, recording music tirelessly day by day, to let the creative process keep on flowing into us.  Simone Meneghelli – the producer – and I used to work on these songs way before the recording sessions, and then we finished our job right there, lost among the mountains.

I like very much the lights and the colours of the Artwork which reflects a lot the mood of the EP. How did you choose it?

I actually worked a lot with Matteo Armanini – the beautiful mind behind the videos and the graphic concepts of my works – and we were trying to find a concept that could connect all the songs. So we decided to work on minimal and simple things, like the “black&white” and the long-shot sequences.

We wanted to bring into this video the inner meaning of “among the clouds” and let the lyrics of the song literally flow out of my mouth, with animated illustrations. We work along with Stefano Tirasso and Alberto Vadalà to calibrate the right balance between the minimalism of the illustrations and the relentless motions of the animations.



Today we premiere the video of “Among The Clouds”. What about the track and the collaboration with Matteo Armanini for the clip?

This track means so much to me, I think I could say that this is the most meaningful song of the EP. It’s a song that I’ve wrote to say sorry to a heartbroken person which I’ve hurt so much. I was trying to find a way to canalize this feeling and this song was the answer that I was looking for, with a heartbeat-like kick that holds up the entire rhythmic structure of the song.

Matteo Armanini is the creative mind behind the first idea for the video, we’ve been working together on my project for a long time. We wanted to give a strong message through the camera lens directly to the person on the other side, so Matteo suggested to use an iphone as a camera, the 4:3 video format, the black&white color palette and the animations, taking inspiration from other beautiful videos like “F For You” by Disclosure

What are the best releases you recently enjoyed?

Actually I enjoyed very much the new album from RY X, “Unfurl”. I love the powerful and deep emotions that his music can take out from your subconscious. I’ve also enjoyed the very first album of Josin, “In The Blank Space”. Such a beautiful voice combined with a super smooth electronic songwriting.