Five years ago we introduced Italian duo C’mon Tigre and their stunning self-titled debut album, one of the best release of 2014. A remarkable mix between psychedelic vibes, world music connections, funk, jazz and blues lines. A few weeks ago they released a new album. Racines is out now via BDC and K7. It is released both in CD format and in a “double vinyl + book” version, including a volume to browse through while listening to the album, that combines each track with a particular visual universe.

The artists involved are the internationally renowned photographers Harri Peccinotti, and the Serbian Boogie, the painter Mode 2, the street artist Ericailcane, the Japanese Shigekiyuriko Yamane, and Stefano Ricci, Maurizio Anzeri, Sic Est, Žeželj and Toccafondo.

We had a talk with the band about the new release, the visual part of their project, live dates and more. Check the full streaming and the answers below.

“Racines” is your new album. How it was born and what about the creative process and the inspiration?

We started to compose new stuff during the first album’s tour, usually we put down lot of ideas and we take the right time to select tracks we want to get deeper in. It’s a long process. Inspiration come from our past, Racines is a work about memories.

It’s been a long time since your debut album (2014). How this new work is different compared to the debut album?

I think we maintained the same attitude, but we changed as human being, reason why we put in Racines some of our old influences, but also what coming from our life today. We had a different approach between the second and the first album, we played more synthesisers in Racines, and the songs tempo is often more regular.

The visual part seems to have a great role for your music. You shared the video of “Guide To Poison Tasting” which features Harri Peccinotti photos. What about this collaboration and the book project connected to the album?

To be clear, the video we released for Guide to poison tasting has been mistakenly described as a videoclip but was only a slideshow of the wonderful pics that Harri selected for us, and which you can find inside the book in the double lp version of the album. Harri is a genius, he’s one of the first who introduced nudes in fashion, and his art was perfect for that song. We started to think that it would be gorgeous to have a visual corrispective for each song, we kept in touch with the artists and they said “Right, I’ll do it” just ‘cause they thought we’re doing a good work. So the book saw the light. God bless them.

Considering the nature of your project, What is your way to give new shape to the sound and what is your idea of experimentation in art?

It’s something that we never planned, we feel totally free when we compose, we just need to have fun in playing music. If there are new shape or experimentation in our work, it came only in a natural way.

I have interest to know more about the relationship between artists and their places and how they affected their art. What is your relationship with your born place (related to music) and what are your favorite places that had an influence on your way to think music?

We were born in the seaside, there are incredible woods at the edge of the cliff, and the sea it’s something that change your vision of life, it gives you an openness that make you growing over and over. We grew in the middle of the mediterranean area, there are many places that gave us lot of inspirations, like North Africa, the Balkan area, Greece, but also european metropolises. Every single place left us something that we put in our music.

You played several shows in the last two months. How much are you excited about to be back on the stage and what do you like most of the live part compared to studio recordings?

We’re very excited about gigs, and we’ve to thank out tech staff for their great work on sound and lights ( Lorenzo Caperchi and Andrea Amadei). We play on stage with some of the most talented musicians we ever know, they are Beppe Scardino, Marco Frattini, Mirko Cisilino and Pasquale Mirra. We love the live part, playing Racines live is so funny, everyone of us has a synth machine, the sound is really impressive. It’s one of the best part of our work.

What are the best releases you recently appreciated?

Little Simz’s Grey Area and Seaford Mods’s Eton Alive