Five years after Vanderslice Plays Diamond Dogs, San Francisco based musician and singer-songwriter John Vanderslice announced the release of a new album. The Cedars is out on April 5th via Native Cat Recordings. The album’s name is taken from an 11 square mile serpentine canyon that exists in the remote wilderness of West Sonoma County, 90 minutes north of San Francisco, where Vanderslice owns a small portion of communal land nearby.

As the press release reports, The Cedars approaches the craft of songwriting from every direction but the front, in a non-linear process driven by drum machines, synthesizers, and an unpredictable palette of sonic textures. In an act of getting both figuratively and literally lost in the woods, Vanderslice finds himself favoring chaos and deconstruction over well-worn paths of familiar sounds and instrumentation for his new album—and the results have landed him in a place that’s uncharted, under the spell of a myth. 

Spectral Dawn” is a new excerpt. Listen below.