Shapeless Void are the Italian band which include Matteo Marcheselli (bass/effects), Marco Turra (guitar and vocals), Diego Pellegrini (drums) and Tommaso Gavazzi (guitar/effects and back vocals). Three years after second EP Telema, they’re back with a new track titled “The Inner Journey” which shows their ability to mix dreamy melodies with psychedelic breaths and scratches.

It was recorded and mixed Barcella and Alessio Lonati at T.U.P. Studio and mastered by Giovanni Versari, at La Maestà Studio. Today we have the pleasure to premiere the official video directed by Andrea Perna. 

The video was directed by videomaker Andrea Perna. Main character is a girl who wakes up in a wood. At the very beginning of the video, she looks confused, and then starts having (or she believes she’s having) dreamy and bizarre encounters. In line with the song’s message, the video also represents an exploration of the inner self, which forces the girl to meet the nicest and the most irrational part of our mind.

To emphasize the “toward yourself” point of view, Andrea used a snorricam, which allowed the girl to have the camera always pointed towards her face while moving freely in the surroundings. This creates an introspective effect and a mysterious point of view, which stresses the inner journey-perception. Watch it below.

The artwork on “The Inner Journey” has been created by Venetian artist Madalina Antal, through the digital collage technique. Madalina was inspired both by the music and the message of the lyrics: the boat is another metaphor of the trip, the leitmotif of the entire album, and it symbolizes the unknown path that everyone follows in order to better discover himself.