Two years ago we introduced German singer-songwriter ANIGO. Now she changed name and her new project is called ANIQO. She announced the release of her first album that will be out later this year. “Must Surrender” is the first excerpt. She shared the official video which has already won at Calcutta International Cult Film Festival – was Official selected at Rome Independent Prisma Awards and was a Semi Finalist at Los Angeles CineFest.

Must surrender is about the liberation of deadlocked structures and the detachment of an inflexible identity. A view from the outside on social control mechanisms to perceive in which gears I am in myself. I think a meaningful life means transformation. If I do not change myself and change my point of view, I stop to move. I’m always scared of that.
The song symbolizes for me the challenge of this fear and the giving up of the own and external control with an accompanying risk. Only by surrendering, giving up security and letting go stuck thoughts, can I feel free.

The video for the song is based on this idea. Together with my collaborators – the photographer Peter Hönnemann and the director of photography Sebastian Ganschow – we gradually developed the idea to work with a puppet in a surrealistic world of paper. The viewer sees how our protagonist loses his self-image and embarks on a journey through resistance.