One year after The Shakedown, 22a label founder, flautist, saxophonist, producer and DJ Ed Cawthorne aka Tenderlonious announced the release of a new album. Ironside is out on April 5th. “Triceratops / The Caller” is a new excerpt.

Influenced by jazz greats but equally by contemporary urban culture and its self-assertive pride, the album’s title cites an old English name given to “one who is courageous, possessing great physical and mental strength”. It also references the Quincy Jones soundtracked TV series, which follows the adversity-overcoming wins of protagonist Robert T. Ironside.

Following a period of writing, arranging and rehearsing, ‘Ironside’ was recorded at Abbey Road’s Studio 3 in just two days – capturing the band’s essence and vitality as players. “This record is more disciplined and thought-out. ‘The Shakedown’ was a free, unplanned jam, but this has detailed arrangements with lots of changes”, explains Cawthorne. “The tracks are shorter too – they’re more concise, as is the whole thing, which makes it more accessible. I like the idea that people can play the album quickly, then play it all over again.