Sculpture is the result of the collaboration between Swedish producer Ludvig Cimbrelius aka Purl and Japanese artist Kenichi Oka aka Yamaoka. It is out now via Amsterdam-based label Shimmering Moods Records. Cimbrelius explains: “Kenichi and I started our collaboration with two songs: ‘a soft ache of longing’ (released by Shimmering Moods on the Meditations 3 compilation) and ‘river run’. The collaboration expanded into the 10-track album Simple Songs (released by Databloem), and during the waiting period before the album was released, we continued working on the 5 songs that became Sculpture. 

I’ve always felt a strong resonance with improvisation as a key element in creating music. This was one aspect of Kenichi’s recordings that really spoke to me – their sense of aliveness and flow. Kenichi improvises his music on old hardware units, and would then proceed to send me the raw recordings with no info about the tempo or the key. It has been an interesting musical challenge for me, and I’ve enjoyed coming up with ways I could let layers of sounds take shape organically on top of the recordings, attempting to find a way to blend and even join our two rather different sonic worlds. For Simple Songs, I mostly worked in the digital world, but for Sculpture, I instead turned mainly to acoustic instruments and vocal recordings as my source of audio. It has been an unexpected and most delightful musical encounter for me.”