Dana Gavanski is a Canadian singer-songwriter and musician. She has announced the release of her Mike Lindsay (Tunng, LUMP) produced debut 7” single ‘One By One/Do You?’ which is out on 26th April via Full Time Hobby. “One by One” is the first excerpt which shows her enchanting vocals and the evocative melodies of the sound. Watch the official video directed by Adrienne McLaren.

Speaking about the concept behind the video, director Adrienne McLaren says: “’One by One’ is a music video illustrating one’s sensation of isolation in the world. During our first video meeting, Dana expressed a few feelings she wanted to incorporate in the video, and the one that stuck out the most was the theme of how small she/people are in relation to things, structures and landscapes. The music video is not driven by a narrative, but contains these themes of isolation and growth found within the context of the lyrics. It is an aesthetically-forward music video where I focussed on getting beautiful shots and alluring angles. Simplicity plays an important role in the video, complimenting the style of the song and showing Dana as she travels through different spaces on her own. The locations for the video include aesthetically pleasing structures around Toronto’s west-end and, of course, Toronto’s waterfront featuring many feathered friends.”