Wilma Vritra is the collaborative project from Odd Future co-founder Pyramid Vitra and British producer Wilma Archer. They announced the release of the first collaborative full-length. Burd is out on April 5th via Bad Taste. We already shared “Targets & Digits”; “The Hill” is a new excerpt. Listen below.

Burd took flight as a remote collaboration; Wilma writing in Newcastle and London, Vritra writing in LA. Archer then flew out to LA and finished the bulk of the record at Vritra’s place in Long Beach as well as a few days in Daddy Kev’s infamous ‘Cosmic Zoo’ studio. The finishing touches were laid down in London and rounded off with artwork by Swedish artist Joakim Ojanen.
The LP represents those who feel unable to partake in societies unrest; the prejudice, violence and homogenized culture of style over substance. Although it affects them directly, it’s relentless and overwhelmingly difficult to emotionally invest. Instead it offers disconnect. Willma’s production carves out enough space for Vritra to vent and reflect on what he’s witnessing – “I feel like the album is a window. Or a screen. You stay inside and watch the world happen. The truth is that sometimes the world isn’t pretty, and it isn’t happy, sometimes it is, but most times it isn’t. Each track is a different take on that reality on display to me.