Rozi Plain is a British musician and singer-songwriter, better known as bass player of This Is The Kit. She announced the release of a new solo album. It follows 2015’s Friend. What A Boost is out April 5th via Memphis Industries and it features This Is The Kit’s Jamie Whitby Coles, Sam Amidon, Sir Was, Gerard Black, Amaury Ranger and Raphael Desmarets. We already shared “Symmetrical”;  “Conditions” is a new excerpt. Watch the official video which was shot in Morecambe Bay and features super slow mo choreographed dancing from Rozi plus band members Jamie Whitby Coles, Rachel Horwood, Amaury Ranger and Gerard Black.  Ed Tucker director of the video says:

“Rozi asked if I’d be interested in making something with her for Conditions, we’re old friends but haven’t actually done anything like this before. The band had some time lined up before a show in Morecambe, a place neither of us knew well, but somewhere we thought we could find some nice spots to do something in. Bassist Amaury offered up his talents and that became a bit of a backbone for the video. On the day we lucked out with locations and weather massively! The framing, which became a motif (and a nod to the album cover by Jack Barraclough), was informed by the locations we used and their sparseness, that was fun to play around with. When we got to the edit the framing also meant we could experiment with layering in quite an effective way, adding more textures. It was freezing and the everyone was so patient standing still in the frosty winds.”