Lauren Flax is a Detroit native, Brooklyn-based DJ and producer. After different singles, remixes and collaborations, she announced the release of her first EP. One Man’s House is Another Woman’s Techno is out on April 19th via The Bunker New York.  All three tracks on the record maintain Flax’s presence and strong dance floor vibe. Her words about it:  “I basically start with just the drum machine…create some patterns to get me started…change the patterns and manipulate the sounds real time so that there is a truly performative aspect captured.

Everything for me has come full circle and I’ve definitely returned to my Detroit roots. Those roots run deep and so do my influences, but I also work very hard at maintaining and advancing my own sound. As for acid, it may have made a resurgence but for many of us who have been at it for decades, it was always present. I still can’t get enough.

Listen to the title-track below.