Faroe Islands-born, Reykjavík-based producer Janus Rasmussen, one half of the critically acclaimed minimal techno duo KIASMOS (with Olafur Arnalds), announced the release of his first solo album. Vín is out on March 29th via Christian Löffler’s Ki Records. We had a talk with him about the solo album and the artwork, live shows, Kiasmos and experimentation in music. Listen to the new track “Lilla” and check the answers below.

“Vìn” is your first solo full-length. How it was born and what about the creative process and the inspiration?

Vín was born out of the urge to create something new. In the very beginning I would go for long walks and record samples in different sceneries and weather conditions. Some were simply sounds from the inside of my car. My phone turned out to be a good sketchbook and I would constantly record beats and melodies that I would later recreate with instruments and equipment.

The Artwork is remarkable. How did you choose it?

Thank you! The artist knows me so well she basically just created something she knew would be exactly my taste. She created many many different images that I got to choose from. Shout out to the artist Sigrún Hanna! The music video for Green Wine is by Heidrik, I gave him free rein and he delivered as he always does.

Considering the nature of your project, What is your way to give new shape to the sound and what is your idea of experimentation in art?

It’s very important to me to be open to all sorts of different music. I think that my experience being in bands and producing music of various genres has shaped my sound to what it is today.

You are part of KIASMOS with Olafur Arnalds. How much he affected your way to think music? How do you work usually as a duo?

The most inspiring thing about Ólafur is his solid work ethic. Just watching how he approaches things has really changed the way I go about my work. I think that has inspired more than anything else. Other than that we’re just friends that share much of the same taste in music. That’s probably one of the reasons we work so well together in the studio. Ideas bounce back and forth really smoothly. We’re simply having a great time.

You are from Faroe Islands but you live in Iceland. I have interest to know more about the relationship between artists and their places and how they affected their art. What is your relationship with your born/living place (related to music) and what are your favorite places that had an influence on your way to think music?

I wonder about this too, but I think this is a really hard question to answer. It’s hard to see what’s affecting you when you are standing so close to it. But environment definitely has an impact. Maybe it’s the attitude people around you have about creativity. Or about finding things to do while living on a tiny island. It’s hard to live near the arctic when the winters are super dark and summers are very bright. The winters are hard and moody but can make you want to hang out in the studio all the time. The bright summers can make you kind of manic, which can be fun.

There will be a tour to introduce your solo album? What do you like most of the live part compared to studio recordings and how much important could be the visual part for your solo tour dates?

Yes! I’m going on tour with Christian Löffler and playing at Sónar Reykjavik in April. One of my favourite parts of playing live is seeing the music that was created in the studio develop further and take a life of its own. As of right now I’m still working out all the details of the live show but I hope the final result will be amazing.

What are the best releases you recently appreciated?

My latest obsession is Josin’s debut album “In the Blank Space”. What an amazing and emotional voice she has.