Reggie Got Beats is a rising Norwegian Oslo-based producer, DJ and drummer. His music mixes different genres like soul, disco, house, pop and R&B. He teamed up with fellow Norwegian vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Vebjørn Mamen for the track “Fascination“, out now via Sidekick Music. Today we are glad to premiere the rework curated by New Zealand producer La Félix. Listen below.

His words about the track: “The lyrics for “Fascination” is actually very specific, describing Norwegian chess world champion Magnus Carlsen´s 2013 championship match vs. Vishvanathan Anand. It was about his obsession, dedication and overcoming the challenge of beating Anand. You can say “Fascination” is about passion, and the challenges you meet trying to reach the top in whatever you´re passionate about. Being passionate, fascinated and intoxicated means being troubled by what you love the most, the necessity of fighting for what you want to achieve, and overcoming obstacles on your path to fulfill your dreams. It´s a Pokemon-theme for grown-ups, so to speak”.