Faroe Islands-born, Reykjavík-based producer Janus Rasmussen, one half of the critically acclaimed minimal techno duo KIASMOS, announced the release of his first solo album. Vín is out on March 8th via Christian Löffler’s Ki Records. We already shared “Green Wine”; “Lilla” is the new excerpt. On why he decided to release his solo tracks, Janus Rasmussen said:

I had been playing a lot of these songs [live], and they were working really well. I didn’t really tell anyone what the songs were, but they were obviously really fitting into the sets, as they’re not too far off from the Kiasmos sound, despite being different. I had never done that before: playing unfinished tracks and just seeing the reaction. It was super fun, actually. You learn a lot about your own music when you do that.

About the new track: “Lilla means purple in Faroese and it also happens to be my favourite colour. I thought the song sounded very “lilla” and the name just kind of stuck to it. It’s such a lighthearted song and that connection simply felt natural.”