The Man From Managra is the Athens based alt-Folk project of  Greek musician, composer, sound engineer and music producer Coti K (Costantino Luca Rolando Kiriakos). He announced the release of a new album. King Time is out on March 15th via Inner Ear Records. “Tonight” is the first excerpt which features Σtella. Listen below.


Brighter in sound, but at times, lyrically darker, “King Time” lovingly celebrates human insignificance, the successive small and big catastrophes of life and the importance of trying to become a better person. At the same time, it poses significant questions such as: will ever knowledge/consciousness/wisdom/reconciliation come on time in an ocean ruled by time? Can we read the signs before it’s too late?

The album was recorded between the isolated silence of Tinos island and the frenzied chaos of Athens with the collaboration of Panos Galanis (drums), Rena Rasouli (vocals), Lambrini Grigoriadou (fifths bass, tenor guitar), Thaleia Ioannidou (trumpet) and featuring Σtella as a special guest on the track “Tonight”.