The Daring Man are a Belgian Bruxelles-based band comprised of Cédric Heyraud (vocals, lyrics, music) and Grégoire Auclerc-Galland (guitar, music, arrangements). Two years after Things That Matter, they’re back with a new track titled “Save me From the Cold” which shows warm and deep vocals melting with refined textures with jazzy connections and rough lines. We have the pleasure to premiere the official video.

As the press relese reports, As the world is about to collapse due to the ferocious and unavoidable impact of climate imbalance going from bad to worse, a man, lost in the corporate world contributing to the destruction of the environment, is looking for a way out. While enjoying the pleasures of wealth and unrestrained consumption of the world he is in, he realises his life is devoid of meaning. He calls out for help, hoping to be rescued.

The music video for “Save Me From The Cold” was shot in the autumn of 2018 between Brussels and Charleroi (Belgium), and at BFC Studios (Brussels), directed by Adrien Lengrand, with the appearance of actress Charlotte Leblé.

Produced by The Daring Man and co-written by Adrien Lengrand, Grégoire Auclerc-Galland and Cedric Heyraud, the video questions the inaction of political leaders on issues related to climate change and attempts to shed light on the torment men and women experience as they must choose between immediate satisfaction of their fleeting desires and the survival of the world.