The Taan Trio is the project which involves Alberto N.A. Turra, William Nicastro and Stefano Grasso. They recently released a new album titled The Taan Trio Live at Easy Nuts Lab which is out now via Chant Records and Felmay. Nine track which lead us in the rough field of jazz textures with restless rhythms and the impro and fusion attitude. After the full streaming, they explain the new work track by track. Check it below.

DARVISH is a song made for the Indian born British coreographer Devaraj Thimmaia for a show about Ajodja, his hometown. This ballet was never carried out. On the other hand a few years later, filmmaker Valeria Allevi wanted this track (in its original version for voices, acoustic guitar and e-bow, featured on the album Filmworks) for her documentary feature “Questa Miniera”, filmed in the highest mine in Europe, in Cogne, Valle D’Aosta.
TREVOR in turn was born for “Questa miniera” but Valeria didn’t want it, too bouncy even in its original version for cajon, electric and acoustic guitars and trumpet (featured in Filmworks too). Is the track which undoubtedly attracts the most during our live shows, as it is in its arrangement for trio.
TONI BOSELLI is the track that I indeed wrote for Toni on the album AZIMUTH (the one in duo with six drummers). Along with ANDREA RAINOLDI (from the same album) has kept high interest for the trio, constantly surprising us for the countless interplay and re-writing/improvising possibilities that still gives us after dozens of performances.
BALCANO comes from farther away. Is a track written for another trio in which I participated and loved so much, INTERNATIONAL TROUBADOURS (with Davide Tedesco on the double bass and Alberto Pederneschi on the drums) and is the most “zornian” or jazz-core piece on the setlist and I guess that’s the reason why it’s perceived as the most fun one, judging by the audience reactions.
As I said before, ANDREA RAINOLDI comes from AZIMUTH too and perhaps is the most “pop” moment on the setlist, is a really sweet track but can become easily extremely violent depending on the performance and the mood of the night.
Steve Coleman’s WIGHTS WAITS FOR WEIGHTS is one of the two covers on the album and is a kind of “irresistible” song for me, just like the other one by Sly Stone, IF YOU WANT ME TO STAY. As soon as I find someone that likes even just a little bit these songs, well, I start to bother them so much that, usually, we end up playing them.
And here we are, the two most simple yet most violent songs on the entire set, BLACK MADONNA and CELLULE. The former was born live during the Filmworks solo tour, based on a simple melody/mantra: I have to admit that it turned out to be really powerful in trio. It was (still is, and who knows for how long will continue to be) quite shocking to assist to this song’s mutations. CELLULE was born in less adventurous ways, being one of the main themes of the movie GIOVANNI SEGANTINI-RITORNO ALLA NATURA directed by Francesco Fei and with Filippo Timi in the role of the painter (track co-written by Ivan Lo Giusto), but since the very first solo performances turned out to be a piece with a powerful urge to shake up the audience and this continues to be the case, judging by the last live shows.