Lekka is the Milan-based project that includes Luca Piana, Matteo Maltecca and Fabio Zampieri. They enlist Boys Noize, Soulwax, Justice, Daft Punk, Vitalic, Gesaffelstein, Fatboy Slim, The Chemical Brothers, Chromeo, Mstrkrft amongst their influences. Two years ago we introduced them with the first self-titled ep. Now they announced the release of the debut album titled Primal Drives and it will be out later this year. 

Today we have the pleasure to premiere the new excerpt titled “Animals“. Listen below and check our talk with the band.

Let’s start from your debut album. How and when did you start to think about it? What is the idea behind it?

Well, we are musicians, so the most natural thing to do for us is making music. Our debut album will be called “Primal Drives” and it’s quite easy to understand the concept behind It. We live in a world leaded by the unnecessary, so we must redescover our primal drives, in order to lend weight to what is really important.

Today we premiere the new single “Animals” and you already shared “Run Run Run”. What about those two tracks and the video of the second one?

Run Run Run is our first single taken from the new album and It’s been released with a videoclip directed by Cesare Bignotti, a friend of Matteo (vocals, keyboards and synths). It’s mainly a techno track, it reminds more of our last EP. Animals is a quite different track, we chose It as the second single because we wanted to show how actually different could be this new record from the previous EP. Anyway, we like the whole album of course!

It’s easy and immediate to connect your music with acts like Soulwax, Daft Punk, Justice. But are there any recent release which influenced your music?

We listen to a lot of different stuff. Speaking about new releases, we really like De Staat’s last album, it’s called “Bubble Gum”.

Considering your way to think music, what is your way to give new shape to the sound? Are you interested in experimentation?

Yes we think so! Playing electronic music with real instruments it’s already a particular approach to make music…we like to think about music as a simple thing, without all these kinds of genres and labels. There’s good music and bad music: that’s It.

Are you planning live dates? What kind of places do you like more for your live gigs and what do you like most of the live part compared to studio recordings?

Yes we are! We are planning our promotional tour for the new record and there will be a live premiere in Milan in the beginning of April. Follow us to know more! We love disco-like places for our live gigs. We play mostly dance music, so It’s important to have a venue that’s been built to listen to loud music and dance! Our songs are always quite different in their live versions if compared to the studio ones. Come to our live show and you’ll see!