Whether to make space on his hard disk, as he suggests, or because this album combines tracks collected over several years, which have not found their place on the previous albums or Ep’s produced by Plaster/Kaeba, the Italian artist Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri who is also at the base of the project Clouds after Rain, have decided to create a new Bandcamp page to offer “In Between“. And so this 9-track album was released under his birth name.

So you won’t find this album on Kvitnu records or Eklero, labels with which he is used to working, but only on this new Bandcamp page and as Self digital release, here

In any case, and taking into account the comments he left concerning the gathering of these titles, which in his opinion might not create obviously a homogeneous album. My opinion of this kind of “repechage” of the hard disk however, probably differs from his concerning homogeneity. Once an artist has been able to elaborate a “sound signature” such as his, homogeneity lies irrevocably in this signature, and absolutely not in the intentions of a specific project.

We can read many different descriptions about what Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri does. But all of them try to describe what I choose to call a Power Ambient genre. The most surprising title in this album being Pututo Tank to me. Listen to the full streaming of ‘In Between‘ below.