Aphir is the solo electronic project of Australian singer-songwriter and producer, Becki Whitton. We introduced her with 2018’s EP Ceci N’Est Pas Une Pop which featured Happy Axe, Dear Laika, Ella Guro, KAIAR. Now she’s back with a new track titled “Close Proximity“. Her words about it: “About a year ago I went to a party that a friend of a friend was throwing where I knew hardly anyone. I was in a rare mood where I wanted to talk to strangers and I had a dozen or so conversations that seemed like a fun skimming of the surface of people’s lives. at the end of the night, though, I found an unsigned letter in my handbag which went into intimate details about that person’s (unhappy) relationship. I still have no idea who wrote it, but I hope they worked things out. Close Proximity is about their story.