One year after her collaboration with Japanese composer and percussionist Midori Takada and the feature in a Ah! Kosmos!’s track, Los Angeles artist Lafawndah announced the release of her first full-lenght. Ancestor Boy is out on March 22nd via her own label Concordia. We already shared “Daddy”; watch the self-directed short film for the new track “Substancia” which features “artist and political dominatrix” Reba Maybury.

The film, taking inspiration from the themes Lafawndah elicits in her songwriting and their kindred connection to the works of Maybury, echo the cult film ‘Tampopo’ while continuing to unravel the mythology of the Artemis Response Coalition, an all-female, extra-state, exoinstitutional care collective – as described in more detail below.

The practices of the ARC are not limited to the administration of prenatal care and childbirth; the transnational network has also proven to swiftly weaponize itself in order to avenge violence or intimidation towards its comrades. In this film, we witness a core ARC pre- revenge ritual. The egg yolk is a medium of transmission: of memory, knowledge, skills, strength, spirit, and sensual clarity. From trainer to trainee and back again, the embryonic exchange provokes an arousal that is fashioned into ruthlessness. “It is only when the senses are open,” explains an ARC survival brief, “that the conscience will arise and give you courage.”