Five years after first full-length Young Daze, San Francisco-based singer-songwriter Travis Hayes announced the release of his second album. Sleepless is out on March 1st. As the press release reports, it encompasses many a restless nights where Hayes found himself grieving until all hours of the night. “Two years ago, I had the wind knocked out of me,Hayes explains.

One of my closest friends was hit and killed by a drunk driver. Her light passed on, all went dark, and I was left lying awake at night, sleepless and unable to make sense of anything. I didn’t know what to do or how to cope so I wrote. I wrote, and I wrote, until I had exhausted all the fear, frustration and anger from my mind. Songwriting has always been this cathartic escape for me, but writing these songs was different. These songs were more than just songs: these songs saved my life. They gave me a place to be vulnerable, a place to be angry, a place to find hope. This album gave me a place to find my strength again. What started out as a laundry list of scary things that kept me up at night, became a collection of songs that detail the reasons that get me through each day.” 

Today we have the pleasure to premiere a new track titled “Goodnight” which reflects the mood of Hayes words: warm, delicate and trembling vocals meet the melodies and melancholic vibes of strings and minimal piano lines. So, complex textures to describe and narrate complex feelings.

The album features Cade Weidenhaft (Drums, Percussion), Elliott Peltzman (Piano, Organ), Brent Curriden (Guitar, Piano), Emily Whitehurst (Vocals), Travis Pacheco (Bass) and Helen Newby (Cello). Listen below.