Two years after Selfless, Canadian musician and producer Joni Void (moniker of Jean Cousin, and also known as Johnny Ripper.) announced the release of a new album. Mise En Abyme is out on March 29th via Constellation Records. As the press release reports, Mise En Abyme refers to the aesthetic technique of putting a copy within the work itself, a story within a story, as a metafunction that aims to reflect the object back onto the perceptual subject in an explicitly conceptual way. Cousin also plays upon the literal etymology of the term – “placed into abyss” – invoking the recursive neuroses of identity and self-consciousness, the lacuna of seeing/being-seen and projection/introspection; the metaphoric standing between two mirrors, plunged into spatio-temporal disorientation through reflections multiplied to an impossibly infinite vanishing point.

We already shared “Dysfunctional Helper”, “Abusers” is a new excerpt which features Montréal artist Sarah Pagé. Listen below.