The Saxophones is an Oakland-based project that began as the solo project of saxophonist and composer, Alexi Erenkov. Now, accompanied by his wife, Alison, on percussion and samplers, they perform as a duo. In 2018, they released the debut album Songs Of The Saxophones. Now they’re back with a new EP titled Singing Desperately Suite which is out now via Bandcamp. It features Richard Laws on bass guitar. Listen below.

Singing Desperately Suite is a concept EP that caricatures my stilted process of awakening to the suffering I have caused women in my life. The four pieces represent my journey from oblivious (“Prelude”) to indignant and indifferent (“Singing Desperately”) to ashamed (“Crude Advance”) and finally a return to obliviousness (“You Seem Upset”). 

I’m aware that women’s suffering is not my story to tell. My intention here is to apologize and describe my process of waking up, including my failings along the way. I’d also like to hope I could possibly motivate others to face the dark, unflattering parts of themselves and strive to do better.