One year after his first full-length Basic VolumeBritish artist GAIKA presents his new double A-side single, Seven Churches For St Jude / 1800 FENDI. It is out via Warp Records. Watch the official video for the track “Seven Churches For St. Jude“. It was co-directed by Rob Heppell. “The video for Seven Churches for St Jude is a piece about mental survival in an age of disaster media inundation.” Heppell explains. “The last few years have seen the hydra heads of reactionary extremism bubble up through cracks that used to be called conspiracy theorists, lifting the tectonic plates of global politics and diluting reality with weaponised fantasy.”

“Gaika’s character The Black Prince of Moscow is a time-travelling being from the alien empire that we call Angels, who has been observing the earth for the last millennium from his lair. His job is to keep an eye on the the secret machines under the earth, which are enormous computers that have a symbiotic relationship with the manifestations of life on the surface of the earth. He controls these machines by interfering with human politics and giving people gifts of money and technology to advance or hold back society. Through this video we are introducing the Black Prince of Moscow obliquely as a time travelling observer character who might be dreaming or might be releasing a warning statement about contemporary politics on a global television hack.”