ViVii are a Swedish trio which include Emil Jonsson, Caroline Jonsson, Anders Eckeborn. They announced the release of the debut album, which will be out in March, via Dumont Dumont (Josin, RY X, Cyrus Reynolds). We introduced them with “And Tragic”; “Love Love Love” is a new excerpt. Wacth the official video which features a montage of clips including some iconic Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers footage.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the video, Emil explains, “My fathers favourite story echoed in my head while we were doing this video, he loves to tell it in a very dramatic way. That late humid summer night of 69, when he met the young and beautiful Agnetha Fältskog (from ABBA) at a dance parlour and got the last dance of the evening with her.This is how we imagined that night to be like.”