Seven years after debut full-length Rope for No-Hopers, Bristol-based instrumental band The Pirate Ship Quintet announced the release of a new album. Emitter is out on March 29th via Denovali Records. It was mastered in the US by renowned musician and engineer James Plotkin, who has also worked with the likes of ISIS, Earth and Sunn O))).

The album features a number of collaborators including award winning modern classical composer Emily Hall (Bedroom Community) adding the voices of her curated choir to ‘Companion’ and ‘Wreath’. Further vocal performances come from soloists Blythe Pepino (Vaults/Mesadorm) and award-winning singer-songwriter Emily Barker.The title track ‘Emitter’ showcases celebrated saxophonist Andrew Hayes (Run Logan Run/Tezeta), whose bright jazz flourishes and rending wails add a deeply plaintive touch. “Symmetry Is Dead” is the first excerpt. Listen below.