Daniel Thorne is an Australian-born, Liverpool-based composer and saxophonist, better known for his work with Immix Ensemble, the group he founded. He announced the release of his first solo album. Lines Of Sight is out on March 15th via Erased Tapes. We already shared “From Inside, Looking Out”; “Fear Of Floating” is the new excerpt.

His words about the track: “Although the album wasn’t written to follow a specific narrative, I felt it should have the feeling of a journey, leaving a place of chaos and noise and arriving somewhere both serene and unfamiliar. As the final track on the album, I wanted Fear of Floating to be to be the opposite of the album’s beginning (From Inside, Looking Out) by being much sparser, eschewing large dense textures and instead focusing on a single melodic ‘voice’ that gets bashed about by its surroundings, before finally washing up somewhere peaceful and alone.”