We are glad to announce the partnership for the “REH Tales Sessions” project, born from the collaboration between our webzine, the multicultural center MAT Laboratorio Urbano and Italian webzine Ondarock. We will have the pleasure of hosting some live (one take) sessions recorded at REH Recording Studio in Terlizzi (Italy); the main goal is to capture the performance of the artists from a different point of view: the expressive power of the live performance mixed and intertwined with the recording studio environment. All project details are available after the video.

The first session involves American singer-songwriter Micah P. Hinson who last autumn played different shows in Italy and the rest of Europe with a long tour. The song is “My Blood Will Call To You From the Ground“, which is an excerpt from the last album When I Shoot At You With Arrows, I Will Shoot To Destroy You (Full Time Hobby, 2018). A performance of rare intensity that underlines his unique vocality and the natural expressive ability which distinguishes his discography. Recorded and mixed by Dario Tatoli (aka MAKAI), the video was directed and edited by Nicolò Vallarelli.

REH Tales Sessions is a project born from the collaboration between MAT Laboratorio Urbano (multi-functional cultural place deeply rooted in the Apulian territory), Italian magazine Ondarock and our webzine. The goal is to create a unique, different and exclusive content related to music and its various perspectives. The project consists of creation of high definition audio and video live sessions, recorded at the REH Recording Studio in Terlizzi (Italy), which combine the vibrations and the sensations of live performance with the peculiarities and the atmosphere which a recording studio can offer. A project that combines transversal realities to build short but intense moments of beauty linked to the emotions of music and visual ecstasy.