Aqualung is the project of British singer-songwriter and musician Matt Hales. Four years after 10 Futures, he’s back with a new EP. Additional Futures is out now. As the name suggests, these songs were borne from the ‘10 Futures’ sessions but although they didn’t make the album. It was also inspired by Hales’s other life as a trusted collaborator and producer for such artists as Lianne La Havas, Disclosure, Tom Chaplin and Bat for Lashes. After the full streaming, he explains the new work track by track. Check it below.

All She Wore
Hi. I was raised on Pet Sounds, Handel’s Messiah and Arrival by ABBA. As a result i’ve always loved harmony, counterpoint and ennui.
This song is an exercise is all three
Real people are made of complicated machinery. tiny mad spinning cogs and wheels and endless layers of levers and all those deadly whirling blades.
Yet Sometimes, Somehow as two of these mad machines intersect they synchronise. and a bit later one of them writes a song about it.
There are certain TV shows from my childhood that i associate strongly with being sick and off school. all hot and scratchy and mid morning lego and baffling no budget 70s kids shows like Fingermouse which featured a very basic finger puppet. that looked a bit like a mouse. He had a friend called Scampi who may have been an actual piece of scampi jammed on another finger…. hmmm. might have been a fever dream.
Use Me
See ‘Complicated’. Then years pass and the two mad machines realise they need some oil. and they find some oil.
i didn’t and don’t wet my bed but i guess i am a sensitive soul. for example, sometimes it’s just a day for sharing a waking vision you had when you were 17 featuring a whale and a long blue thread with a canadian and making her turn it into a haiku and then singing it over some grand chords. i am what i am.