GIUNGLA is the stage name of Bologna-based italian singer-songwriter Emanuela Drei. We introduced her with debut ep Camo. Now she’s back with a new track titled “In My Head” which could be the first excerpt from debut full-length or sophomore EP. It was produced and recorded with Luke Smith (Depeche Mode, Anna of the North, Foals). Listen below.

Why don’t we change the rules?” she says, “Finding the words to say something can be liberating, but it can also be very difficult at times. So this song is dedicated to all those seemingly insignificant moments that ultimately can be more meaningful and powerful than words when it comes to discovering who you are and just accepting yourself.”

“I wrote the middle 8 to this song while I was in London working in the studio,” Ema continues. “I was sat on the tube and the guy opposite me had his headphones on, lost in his music. At some point I noticed him holding his breath and then start to breathe loudly. We smiled at each other ‘cause he could tell I had noticed and related to it.”

“The same thing often happens to me, and I really liked this image of listening to a song very loudly, being lost in my own world and maybe feeling fearless or just relieved. Then just for a second becoming conscious of my own breathing, it feels like you’re knowing and accepting yourself; it’s funny but it really makes you feel alive.