Applescal is the project of Dutch Amsterdam-based producer Pascal Terstappen (also part of the project Deltawerk). Two years after the release of “Morpheus”, he announced the release of a new 2-track EP Atlantis / Saints which will be out on February 22nd via Atmonation. “Atlantis” is the first excerpt. Listen below.

‘Atlantis’ takes you on a heartfelt ride through broken beats and eerie soundscapes, forever building around gentle, resonating synths full of character. It’s in stark contrast with the track’s prominent percussion and reverbs. The cowbells and claps go against the grain, waking up the listener from this emotive dream. The juxtaposition of these elements make for an enticing track that has the listener’s ear from start to finish.

With ‘Saints’ you are guided along a different path. A steady 4/4 is accompanied by wooden percussive hits, wobbly stabs, dreamy evolving pads and a prying vocal. The track gradually builds as the introduction of shakers and sitar-like plucks fill pockets of space,
eventually dropping into a pool of poly-rhythmic percussion, driving hats and heaps of attitude from the bass and claps.