YODOK III is the project which involve Tomas Järmyr (drums), Kristoffer Lo (tuba, flugabone) and Dirk Serries (electric guitar). They released their 4th album titled This Earth We Walk Upon which is out now via Belgian label Counsouling Sounds. An excerpt is available via Soundcloud. Listen below.

Starting off as a monolith structure slowly falling apart, the build-up begins half way into this 63 minute long ritual: transcendental, pulsating, dynamic and highly intriguing. The raw emotion captured on this recording is that of an extremely focused, yet constantly evolving musical entity. YODOK III is a live band that thrives on adrenaline, interaction and momentum.  An emotional rollercoaster with a genre-complexity that can only be described as unique.

When putting three fine exponents of modern, forward-thinking and experimental music in the same room, the hope is that something a little special is going to be the result. Yodok III are exactly that, all three recognisable by their contribution and yet forced to go beyond that by the other two. Yodok III is primarily a study in avant-garde, but elements of genres as diverse as jazz, (post)rock and even classical can be heard playing their part in this mind-bending tapestry.