We introduced different times Quebec-born composer and musician Jean-Michel Blais. He released a new album in 2018. Dans ma main is out via Arts & Crafts. He shared a new video for the track “Blind“. It was directed by Mauriès Matos. Watch it below and check the tour dates here.

This is the story about Anna the overachiever, who uses herself as a subject during experimental research as a young acclaimed yet controversial plant neurobiologist. During the process of using herself in her study, she makes an incredible discovery of a type of rhizome plant which allows one to reach their own consciousness. One night, on the eve of preparations to reveal this great announcement, she experiences the first encounter with Self.

‘’I found myself recognizing the inherent beauty of nature as time erases all previous conditioning. The path isn’t linear like the world isn’t flat, its round and it spirals round and round, moving deeper and inward. And now, I feel lost.’’ – Anna

In a greater sense, the video for Blind is also about Belief as a technology that creates change. That magic isn’t an effect. It’s a way to create change through processes that you can’t entirely understand. There are aspects of human reality we can’t measure, supernatural things that happen. Magic means you can give yourself an opportunity to stop analyzing things. Even for us – how are we going to figure out what’s next? How are we going to bend all the information at our disposal into a new truth?