Since the early 90s, David Leigh Morley is well known as a producer under a variety of aliases, as well as his own name, for the Belgian R&S record label. A musician from an early age, he studies guitar but shifts into the world of electronic music when, whilst evading boarding school one night and travelling in the back seat of a friends car, he is submerged into the music of Tangerine Dream. From this moment on a passion for electronic sounds and analogue equipment is born. In 1992 after already having worked for R&S records for a few years, he composes the song “Evolution“, which Renaat Vandepapeliere, the founder and owner of R&S records, wants to release, but feels it needs a different outlet than R&S and so the Apollo records sub label was born! About a year later, David Morley meets Andrea Parker. This will be the start of a great friendship and a strong professional complicity between the two artists which leads to them writing and producing the timeless and still unequalled release “Kiss My Arp” on MoWax. The latest album released by David Morley is “The Origin of Storms” and shows him in best old school form.

For the second time in 2 years, David Morley was invited to perform at the Atonal Berlin electronic festival. In 2017 he closed the festival with his live set and also performed in the Schaltzentrale on their modular synth setup. And in 2018 he opened the festival with a set which was not recorded for technical reasons.

On returning from Berlin, David is asked to perform at the Fuse club in Brussels and he acts a set based on the Atonal performance on an evening organised by Davy from Futurepast (Berlin). This time, the live set is captured.

Today, sonofmarketing is delighted to premier his live recording at the Fuse. Listen to the full set below.

The recording will be available on the 14th of February on his Bandcamp, here.