Two years ago we introduced Irish singer-songwriter and producer Talos aka Eoin French. and his first full-length Wild Alee. Now he announced the release of a new album. Far Out Dust is out on February 8th via BMC. He shared a new excerpt titled “The Light Upon Us“. Of the track, he says:

It’s called “The Light Upon Us” but, the idea of the light… it’s not a positive light. It’s one that erases things. It’s blinding. Sometimes things have to be destroyed for something else to be created. An acceptance that things are supposed to die at some point. Everything has an end.

He shared the official video. Shot in the desert in California, the video sees Talos roam the awe-inspiring environment, perfectly accompanying the soaring scale of the song. “We shot the video at Joshua Tree in California, and there’s something about the landscape there,” explains Talos. “It’s a ground zero, a dead landscape, and I think it reflects the lyrics, what the song is about – that idea that everything comes to an end at some point.