Osquello (Fabiano Lewis) is an interesting rising British singer-songwriter and rapper from London. He released his first EP titled Good Morning Simulation which is out now via Practise Music. We introduced him with the tracks “Tired Creature” and “Simulated Void” ; now full streaming is available via Spotify. He recently announced his EP headline show will be taking place 21st February at London’s Electrowerkz.  After the full streaming, he explains the new work track by track. Check it below.

Enter simulation 
There wasn’t much of a concept for this but I remember being on the beach in Italy wanting to make the intro for the album because I felt it was finally ready. Felt very in the moment and where I happened to be catched it perfectly in the track .
Simulated void 
Was one of the first tracks I made for the EP. The introduction to the simulated world that has been presented to me , the only mention of the simulation directly to kind of open and let everyone know what’s going to be included in the EP and why. The overall explanation of us being in a simulation and not wanting to be apart of it for whatever reason, yet something still inside us believeing we can make the best of it.
Finding peace 
Wrote this song based on some personal experiences where I wasn’t in the best of places mentally . Slowly as the song develops the journey becomes a bit more clear and closer to finding peace , from being a depressed drug addict to now someone who has more hope and belief in what they have to offer in the moment.
Elevation repeats 
Maybe the second track I made for this album, even though it follows on directly from finding peace. Talking about being able to sustain some sort of creative progress in life while having to deal with whatever madness is happening in the world , personal issues  and more. Really just wanted to join some r&b and jazz sounds together to support this sort of rejoiceful message.
Between me and you  
A story about a guy who becomes so obsessive over the girl they love he takes away everything useful or meaningful in his life to focus on her. Anything that is threatening to her in anyway and that will get in the way of loving him he will make it disappear “I kill a villain or an addiction for her heart beat”. As he grows older he learns the importance in platonic love and relationships so starts to view and respect the girl in a different way , less possessive and more like a human .
Landing in scrizeena
This is definitely the weirdest one and the one people probably wouldn’t expect . Was supposed to be for the new album but it’s a concept track about an average millennial who is shipped off from earth , travelling around the universe and has landed on a planet called “scrizeena”. As he gets to know the planet more he starts to realise the things he would complain about and look into in earth were not as important as he thought they were. Through this journey he finds new alien associates who help him learn the true meaning to the universe which leads him to not want to go back to earth.
Tired creature  
The re-occurring feeling of not wanting to leave the house and stay trapped inside working on your own craft. A creature who lacks social awareness and confidence in speaking to other people who aren’t his close ones. Through this inside cabin fever routine he has trapped himself in, he connects with a more  influential and motivating person who teaches him to come outside and appreciate the smallest things in life . It happened to begin with admiring the moonlight on a shitty cold evening in London Town.