Fredfades & Jawn Rice are a Norwegian electronic production duo. They have been collaborating on music for over ten years in different shapes and forms. Mutual Love is their debut album which is out now via Oslo-based label Mutual Intentions. As the press release reports, The project is deeply rooted in traditional genres such as house and electronic music, but with their super jazzy signature touches.

The project features vocalists such as Lucid Paradise, Stimulator Jones and Dreamcast who all contributes with soulful RNB oriented vocals. We have the pleasure to premiere the official video for the title-track. It was directed by Erik Treimann.

Fredfades about the track: “Mutual Love is the most mellow and peaceful songs on the record. I started out with the chords, also did the drums, percussion, and the lead synth melody. Then I passed the file over to Jawn Rice who ended up changing the chord progression. He also edited the drums a bit and mixed it. Larter on I passed the 2nd version over to Noam Ofir who did the bassline. He sent the stems back, and Jawn worked a lot more with it, he changed both a lot of the rhythm, but also some of the notes that was originally played by Noam. Later on we passed it to Kristoffer Eikrem to get some horns over it. The finished production is a beautiful mix with a lot of empty space, blues and texture to it.

The song is titled Mutual Love, as a tribute to our crew Mutual Intetions, and a reminder about why we do what we do. The jam is stacked to the max with peace and love. Our friend Erik Treimann managed to capture a hot discussion between me and Jawn Rice at my house last autumn, and he wanted to use it for this song, cause of the dissonance between what you hear and what’s actually going on in front of the camera. It starts off kinda casual with us having fun and listening to music, then evolves into a hot mess of us bitching about MIDI chaining and production for a long while, after a bit too much to drink. Then we become friends again in the end of the video. Mutual Love.