Low Island is the British project which involves DJ/Producers Jamie Jay and Carlos Posada, bassist Jacob Lively, and jazz drummer Felix Higginbottom. We introduced them three years ago with the track “Anywhere“. One year after self-titled debut album, they’re back with a new track titled “In Person“. It was co-produced with Miles James (Obongjayar, Nao).

Speaking of the track, multi-instrumentalist and singer Jamie Jay says, “In Person is about sustaining relationships in a digital age. It’s never been easier to feel in constant contact with everyone, when actually you’re slowly drifting apart. This song marks a big turning point for us musically, as we’re committing much more to our love of electronic dance music, so much so that we’ve just spent all our money on synths and other crazy machinery for our live tour in March. This song has also settled a long-standing band argument: is it OK to have a cowbell…yes, always.