Photo Credits: Vito Lauciello

Four years after Rapsodia Satanica, Giardini di Mirò released a new album. Different Times is out now via 42 Records. It was produced by Giacomo Fiorenza and features Any Other’s Adele Nigro, Robin Proper-Sheppard (Sophia), Glenn Johnson (Piano Magic) and Daniel O’Sullivan. Artwork by Simone Mizzotti. For more, you can check our interview with founding member Corrado Nuccini.

After a long hiatus, they’re back also with new live shows with Italian dates and a Chinese tour which will happen in April. I follow the band since the first album (2001) but it’s the first time I saw them live (on January 26th) in Terlizzi at the multicultural center MAT Laboratorio Urbano, a cult place for music in the South Italy area.

It was a big party. Ai Margini Della Città started the evening, introducing their new EP Looking Through, Looking ForThen Makai (aka Dario Tatoli) and his band impressed the audience with their evocative and delicate music mixed with the right solemnity. After a little break, Giardini Di Mirò took up the stage.

They played 13 tracks, almost an hour and a half of intensive immersion in their world. They started with the title-track of their latest album, followed by “Hold on“, “Good Luck” and timeless “Broken By“. Energetic and captivating performances mixed with the braiding of dreamy and rough, noisy sounds. Instruments like trumpet, violin and sax complement each other with vocals, guitars, bass and drums, in a wonderful and fluid way.

They also played two of their refined tracks like “Pet Life Saver” and “Rome” which gave us special thrills. “A New Start” closed the evening with a powerful and sparkling final: Jukka Reverberi became the second drummer for the noisy and loudy ending. A glorious crescendo which filled up our souls and our ears.

The show was a stunning performance which showed a rare synergy. Twenty years (or eighteen? there’s a funny debate between band members) of shows and music together which you can see and feel on the stage. There is harmony and the ability to build complex and elaborated textures which amplify the “thrill” of studio recordings. A lot is changed in 20 years, we live in Different Times, but Giardini Di Mirò keep alive their continuing power of building the sound of inexprissible.