One year after Performance, American band White Denim (James Petralli, Conrad Choucroun, Steven Terebecki, Michael Hunter) announced the release of a new album. Side Effects is out on March 22nd via City Slang. They shared two new tracks: “Shanalala” and “NY Money“. “Side Effects is built around this tune in some ways“, says Petralli, “I remained excited about ‘Shanalala’ so I wrote a few tunes that I thought would work with the mood and atmosphere of the track. Steve got a chuckle out of most of them and wrote great parts, then we staffed the sessions for the songs with musicians that we are inspired by. Then we dubbed and arranged the absolute shit out of them with our partner Jim Vollentine.

The lyrics came first. The first line was originally ‘The drugs quit smoking, I don’t find it inspiring.’ which I had written in a notebook after a night of drinking with The War on Drugs guys.” says Petralli about “NY Money”, “they had all recently ‘quit’ cigarettes which made me suspect that they were really hanging around me so they could pinch cigs every couple of minutes. I went through two packs in three hours with them. The Neu influenced production and meandering feel of the back part of the tune is a winking homage to what they’ve been up to for the past few years.