KOMRAUS is the London-based project which involves songwriters and composers Sara Rioja (vocals) and Martin Komraus, with Giuseppe Grondona (Drums) and Miguel Ramires (Keys and synths). They announced the release of the debut album. Untie The Ropes is out on February 15th via M.A.R.S. Today we have the pleasure to premiere the Rachel K Collier remix of the title-track. Their words about it:

We love the sound that Rachel has brought into with her remix of ‘Untie the ropes’. We passed her some guides of what we wanted and then we let her work a long so she could bring her own view into it as well. Her remix captures very well the epic side of the song. She kept some of the strings as well as the drums to maintain that effect. She also takes the song to a different universe that we love to listen to. Especially that kick on the floor and the bass. Love them! The remix has also great moments for build ups, like in the chorus and some other moments for drops as well. Very well balanced.  We basically want people to dance along with this song: a dreamy and epic world we’ve built. We think this remix will capture some other audiences in that sense, so we hope they enjoy it.

The band detail the album: “This album represents a breaking free of our own boundaries; a dare to do, a dare to say and a dare to love album. It is inspired in the different scenes and situations we all live throughout our life performing all the roles our life is about, like if it was a theatre play. Each song talks about different optics of human relationships as well as personal growth and some social and political matters. One song is written from the perspective of a free person, with no ties or social limits; another one is from the one who is dependant to someone who loves; another one from the one who is addicted to the modern life and lives like a machine, another one from a mother who sees his child grow and wishes him/her to be free and fly. They are all part of an imaginary and personal world that we all live: always real, always true. We recorded all songs in one take, so we could transmit to the listener a bit of what we give when we perform live”.