Ginevra is an Italian Turin born, Milan-based singer-songwriter. Ruins is her debut EP which will be out later this year and it was produced by Italian composer by Francesco Fugazza. We introduced her with the debut track “Forest”; now she’s back with “Lips” which shows again her delicate vocals. Speaking about the track, She explains:

This song represents how I felt at the beginning of a new chapter, crowned by the struggles I face every time with my unfinished internal businesses and a new love right around the corner. More than once, I found myself thinking I had to focus on myself before giving all of me to Love again. But eventually, I always decide to give it a try, no matter how scared I am. “Lips” is a kind request to whoever finds us in a critical moment: “Please, be kind and true. Or just leave.” “Lips” is a portrait of how fragile and lonely we all are. We have to remember that we all have our demons and we have to learn how to handle them, rather than destroy them. Don’t feel guilty. Allow love to find you and restore you.

Listen below.