Starcrawler is a Los Angeles-based band that involves Arrow de WildeHenri Cash (guitar)Austin Smith (drums) e Tim Franco (bass). Two years ago wi introduced them with debut song “Ants”. In 2018, they released the self-titled debut album via Rough Trade. Now they’re back with the new track “Hollywood Ending“. Watch the official video below.

The visual is a love letter to their hometown and marks what will surely be another epic year for them filled with more new music and touring, carrying their envelope pushing vision into the mainstream.

Director Gilbert Trejo says of the video: “Arrow and I almost started sowing the seeds for this video when we first met…one of the first things we bonded over was our shared love for old Hollywood… not “old Hollywood” like Golden age 1940’s Cary Grant and movie stars Hollywood, but old Hollywood like, our parents’ generations and Weetzie Bat’s version… washed out hotels, and restaurants like TOI on sunset. We bonded over freeways and 1920’s apartments covered in Christmas lights. The Hollywood we both got dragged around felt magical at a young age. Freaks like my aunt Vicky, and Arrow’s uncle Jimmy (who stars as the spirit of Hollywood in the video)… John Doe and Exene’s Hollywood meets Tommy Lee and Bobby Brown’s. When we got the go ahead to make the Hollywood Ending video, we knew exactly what type of imagery we wanted to convey. We got to bring our own favorite disappearing neighborhood back to life.”

There’s a lot to say about what makes a “Hollywood Ending.” Lead singer Arrow de Wilde says This song to me shows a loss of innocence and the dramatic yet sometimes bitter “Hollywood ending” to a first love. Everyone has to go through different Hollywood endings in their own lives, whether they’re good or bad. Sometimes it’s the Wizard Of Oz and you wake up from a crazy nightmare dream and you’re fine, or sometimes it’s Carnival of Souls where you’ve been dead all along.”